Interactives mirrors

Interactives mirrors

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The next best tool for online selling success?

The Neiman Marcus chain gives customers the opportunity to enjoy a unique shopping experience! Interactive screens are revitalizing the tedious and humdrum side of changing rooms using new mirrors created by Memomi.

A customer who likes a dress but is torn between two colours or wonders if it is available in any other will no longer have to ask the question.

This multimedia solution is designed with memory capable of displaying multiple outfits at the same time and in different forms. It saves time for a client who vacillates between two products.

The mechanism detects body movement and generates short videos of the outfit being worn.

Shoppers will even be able to ask for advice from friends via mobile phone by sharing photos and videos.

At a time when retail is trying to re-invent itself, these interactive mirrors will likely be future contenders in the online shopping wars!

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